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Sprout Artists’ Creative Hub
10.30am - 1pm alternate Mondays (Term time only)

Upcoming dates for 2018

Mon 23rd April


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If you normally work from home and feel you would like to be part of a local creative network - come and join the Sprout Artists’ Creative Hub. We are artists, makers, writers and photographers who meet around the table in Sprout Arts, 74 Moyser Road, SW16 6SQ.

The Hub provides an opportunity to get on with small scale “making” away from your home / studio and the opportunity to share in relaxed conversation, exchange of ideas, and group support. If you feel your creativity has been buried for a while then this could be a way to get started again. You don’t have to stay for the whole time either. It’s free so please drop in to check it out!

Sprout Out Art-Loans

Sprout Art’s aim is to support artists and encourage local people of all ages and backgrounds to engage in creative activities and appreciate original art.


The idea of starting an Art Loan initiative is simple, people who are members of Sprout will be able to borrow an original work of art for three months and pay nothing, the artwork would then be available to someone else.

The hope is that people who have never had original artwork in their homes will realise how wonderful it is and go on to become art enthusiasts and encourage their friends and neighbours too. Lending sessions take place quarterly at various local venues and will allow members to borrow one artwork for three months, free of charge. A selection of the artwork will also be on permanent display at Interior design specialists EA Wates.

Find out more HERE,

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Textile Group @ Sprout Arts - Fortnightly on Wednesday's at 7pm

Colours, hands, and threads – oh, and CHAT


An invitation to people interested in learning, sharing, experimenting, and making things using colours, hands, threads, yarns, materials of any sorts - applique – basket making - crochet – darning - design - embroidery - knitting – knotting – lace making –Mexican hammocks - netting - patchwork – rush work - sewing – tapestry – tatting – undoing things - weaving – to a regular evening gathering at Sprout fortnightly on Wednesday's from 7pm to 9pm

Bring along some work you’re doing and enjoy a natter with like-minded people – show off – solve a problem – learn something new Beginners welcome, even those of you who haven’t yet begun This is not a workshop but an easy informal gathering with a common focus on colours, hands, and threads – oh, and chat

About me:

My name is Geraldine Kelly. I’ve lived locally in Furzedown for about 20 years. Over many years, I have dabbled in lots of different textile techniques including some of those mentioned above. I enjoy learning new techniques and trying to work things out, or at least having a go.

Upcoming dates:

25 April

9 and 23 May

13 and 27 June

11 and 25 July

8 and 22 August

12 and 26 September

10 and 24 October

7 and 21 November

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Pass on a Poem - Furzedown
Friday bi-monthly, 
7-9pm at Sprout Arts

Upcoming dates for 2018

Friday 4th May

Friday 6th July

Friday 7th September

Friday 2nd November


Do you have a favourite poem? 


Pass on a Poem will be at Sprout Arts in Moyser Road bi-monthly on Friday 7-9pm.
As always, please choose a poem (not self-written) to read. If there is time, after an interval we'll read any further poems that people have brought, so bring a spare. Please let us know the title and author of your first poem a couple of days ahead so we can draw up an initial running order.

If you haven't come to a meeting but are thinking about it, there are usually about a dozen attendees and poems can be drawn from anywhere in the 500-odd years of English language poetry. We often discuss the readings, and the evening is always interesting and stimulating.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further details.
Click here to receive a weekly poem or for further information about POAP nationally.

“We don’t read poems because, like bran flakes, they’re good for us; we read them because we love them – and if you haven’t found a poem you really love, keep looking and I am sure you will.” Erica Wagner