Louis Caro

5th - 16th February 2019

Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 5pm

Private View Wednesday 13th February, 4-8pm 

Louis Caro is an Artist currently based in London. He studied on the Foundation Year at the Royal Drawing School and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018. His work explores themes of ambiguity, perception, interconnectedness and spirituality, drawing from a wide range of eclectic influences. 


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Pneuma ‘Pneuma’ is an ancient Greek word that is commonly translated as ’spirit’, ’breath’, or ‘breath of life’. The word or one of its derivatives is referred to in many religious texts and speaks of the underlying essence, the oneness that resides in everything. Art in its many forms can act as a guide inward, to help us realise, understand and even transcend our surface level perceptions and projections in order to venture deeper within our own psyche and being. The exhibition will include prints, photographs and other media, concerned with pointing to this essence through unconscious expression and self-inquiry.


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