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Rob Curtis


Tuesday 4th to Saturday 15th September 2018

Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm (closed Mondays)

Private View Monday 3rd September 5 - 8.30pm


Rob Curtis image3












Working from lino blocks, using wood-engraving and etching tools to produce the fine detail of these imaginary and broad geometric strctures, Rob enjoys exploring contrasts between light and shadow, and working up from black backgrounds to create three-dimensional effects.  These limited edition prints (usually numbering 20) have been produced over 12 years while Rob has been working for the NHS in London.

Artist's Statement

Living and working in inner London, I’m mainly interested in urban outdoor subjects. My views are always imaginary, though occasionally based on places I know (Kings Canyon, WC2ISH, 3am). I particularly enjoy imagining the cityscapes, often unseen by its inhabitants, of rooftops stretching to the horizon, the contrast between the broad geometrical structure of buildings, and the small changes to their appearance made by their inhabitants, whether by lighted windows, graffiti or scattered rubbish. I also love exploring contrasts between light and shadow, and working up from black backgrounds to create three-dimensional effects. The prints in this show cover about 12 years. They’re printed from lino blocks which have been cut with wood-engraving and etching tools (allowing greater detail than would be possible otherwise). They’re printed in small editions – usually numbering 20 – after which the lino blocks deteriorate and become impossible to use. I’ve been working locally as a Rehabilitation Assistant in Wandsworth for 6 years, and have worked for the NHS in different roles around London for 11 years. Earlier, I studied at Art Colleges for a total of 5 years, gaining a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration at the University of Plymouth.

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Painted Love @ Sprout Arts

Tuesday 18th to Saturday 29th September 2018

Open: Tuesday – Sunday 11am to 5pm (closed Monday)

Private View: Monday 17 September from 7pm - 8.30pm 

**Lino print workshop Saturday 22nd**

PL 1

     PL 2 

‘Painted Love' is returning to Sprout Arts with a new and exciting collection of pre-loved furniture and soft furnishings.  Committed to saving furniture which is down on its luck and heading to the landfill site, we lovingly restore it, giving the pieces a new lease of life.  Add to the mix a contemporary twist these original pieces of furniture have been reinvented with love and are complimented by our handmade soft furnishings.

Tracey Morant is an art teacher who in her spare time began renovating furniture, along with her other creative outlet of pottery. She loves to find new ways of reusing old things. She met Rachel 18 years ago whilst working in the travel industry and they have remained firm friends and painting partners ever since.

Rachel Young is a busy mum who spends a lot of time sanding down old furniture whilst the children are at school. She also works as a production manager for the Secret Pillow Project, empowering women in India through training and work opportunities.

Lucinda Denning      

Tuesday 26th June to Saturday 7th July 2018

Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm (closed Mondays)

Private View Wednesday 27th June 6:30pm - 8:30pm


LD Scythians











The work Lucinda is presenting at Sprout is a mix of new and some older paintings both oils on canvas and gouaches on paper. And some small painted wooden screens Some paintings will be of individual figures, some of groups of figures and others are composed of more traditional landscapes. Colour is a perrenial theme in her work, She enjoys playing with the juxtaposition of certain colours, the patterns she creates with colour, and the emotional response we have to each colour and hue. In tandem with her interest in colour people always fascinate her and how their looks and glances can exhibit nuances of a story amongst a group. Meanwhile the landscapes show another side of her work where light and weather provide the subtleties of feeling within a painting.

Lucinda Denning lives and paints in Furzedown. She has exhibited for many years and her work is in private collections worldwide. Some of her work is hanging in St Georges hospital (originally Commissioned by the Bolingbroke Hospital). She has a garden studio ( open this October for Wandsworth Artists Open House). She runs Art Classes for Adults and Children based in the Furzedown Project ,where she also volunteers at the Friday Morning Art Group. On BBCTV , her paintings feature in the CBBC series The Secret Life Of Boys enhancing the walls of the farmhouse where the family lives .

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Sprout Summer Special

Tuesday 21st August - 1st September 2018

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5.00pm


Summer Special

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A celebration of Chestnut Avenue

Private View Tues 23rd Jan 6.30 – 8.30

Tues 23rd Jan – Sat 3rd Feb 2018

Open 11am – 5pm Tues – Sat.


"That Old Chestnut" January 23rd - February 3rd is a mixed media exhibition celebrating the beauty of Chestnut Avenue on Tooting Common. Treasured by many, but cut down in September 2017, the trees have been lovingly recorded through paintings, drawings, prints, photographs and film. This fascinating exhibition not only provides a final glimpse of Chestnut Avenue but is an outstanding example of a community striving together to protect a cherished local landmark.

A percentage of all sales will go to Trees for Cities 
If you are interested in exhibiting work, please click on this link and complete the form -


Signs of Welcome workshop       

Friday 15th June 2018

4 - 5.30pm 

Signs of Welcome participatory workshops, celebrating Refugee Week, to provide a vivid, simple and accessible opportunity to imagine how to welcome people new to the community and then make decorative signs to take away. 

The workshops are for all ages and are free, fun, thoughtful and creative.

All welcome, all ages can join in 


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by Jude Caisley

29th May - 9th June 2018

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm (Thursdays ‘til 7pm)




This piece is taken from one of the four series in Jude’s newest body of abstract paintings. Each series has a unique colour palette that explores and expresses a different interpretation of an “Open Heaven” which is the nearness of heaven to earth. Intuition and spontaneity mark Jude’s style, which exudes much movement and freedom. Expressive brushwork and vibrant colours characterize some pieces, whilst soft hue, rich values and subtle blending imbue other works. Jude wants her viewers to experience the cool blue hues of “peace and serenity” as well as the dynamic and powerful “tearing” theme. Each painting exists to inspire, provoke, touch and transform.


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by Marion Jones & Chris Lessware

Tuesday 15th - 26th May 2018

Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm( closed Monday)

Private View: Saturday 19th May  2-7pm




Marion Jones' makes abstract geometric paintings that emphasise edges, lines and planes. They often contain transparent and opaque layers, solid and floating forms, matt and shiny surfaces and colour.

Chris Lessware paints canvases that explore colour, texture and form in abstraction. They tend to be energetically messy and colourful. They often resemble weather and landscape systems- and the human figure is sometimes there too

Chris also writes a blog Twitter @blackpaintsblog Marion on Twitter and Instagram @marionelmajones


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Shhhh.... our very own Secret Postcard event returns to Sprout in June 2018!

Secret Postcard 2018 @ Sprout Arts       

Tuesday 12th to Saturday 23rd June 2018

Tuesday to Sunday, 11am – 5pm 

Members Only Private View - Monday 11th June, 6pm 

This unique exhibition brings hundreds of small format contemporary artworks to adorn the walls of Sprout Arts.

Every year we invite our community to get creative, anyone can take part by producing their very own piece of art on a blank postcard.

This exhibition is the result of our creative community, showcasing original postcard sized artworks by local professional artists, amateurs and those who just dared to be creative! 

Over 200 wonderful postcards - by talented local artists (many of whom have recently exhibited here), amateurs and those who just dared to be creative - which are being exhibited throughout the Furzedown Festival and are on sale for just £5 to help support Sprout.

There is a special members'-only preview, Monday 11th from 6pm with drinks and nibbles plus a chance to choose your favourite!

With all work for sale, it's the perfect exhibition to discover an affordable treasure!


Thank you,

Sprout Arts Team x


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Magdalena del Mar

Tuesday 20th - 31st March 2018

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5.00pm

Private View Sunday, 25th March 6pm - 8pm 

The work that Magdalena is presenting originates from her personal experiences traveling around Eastern Europe as well as the coasts of Britain. Her primary source of inspiration comes from water based scenery. Waves reflecting on deep blue sea creating that magical atmosphere. The endless combinations of different shades and hues that a blue and green colour collaboration conceived makes her art relaxing and therapeutic.


MDM image1

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Observation and Imagination

Etching, Painting Photography and Drawing 

by Peter Solari

Tuesday 3rd - 14th April 2018

Tuesday – Saturday 11am – 5.30pm

Private View Saturday 7th April, 6.30 - 8.30pm

Pete Solari collage

I hope that the works evoke my love of the British landscape and in some way captures the power and beauty of our surroundings. Landscape dominates this exhibition (although not entirely) and is represented through more literal representations and by surrealist influenced work. I hope that you enjoy it.


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Susan Venner- Counting Sheep
7th to 17th March 2018
Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Private View Wednesday 7th March, 5.45pm to 8.30pm


SV 1SV 2SV 4


Inspired by the colours, textures and forms of flowers and plants grown in my garden this exhibitions charts my progress and botanical journey through the last few years.

For me painting is a form of meditation. It requires you to focus completely on the task in hand, no room or need for any other thought, in fact no thoughts at all just observation and looking. Much of the work I have produced has taken place in the middle of the night or very, very early in the morning as I suffer from insomnia.


BIO. - Susan Venner is a practicing architect living and working in Balham. Throughout her career of more than 30 years she has specialized in low energy and sustainable buildings working mainly on domestic buildings for both private and public clients, several of which have won awards. Susan’s work however is not restricted to housing but also includes schools, factories and several fire stations.

Susan is also a keen gardener and has opened her own garden under the national Gardens Scheme (the yellow book) for charity for a number of years.

Susan started painting a couple of years ago in an attempt to capture the exuberance, colour and joy of plants and flowers in her garden

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Owen Calvert - MONO
6th to 17th February 2018
Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Private View Monday 5th February, 5.45 - 8.45pm


OC 4OC 2OC 5


MONO. - a collection of black and white photographs that explore how architecture and the urban landscape have an impact on the human psyche. From the foreboding and uncompromising concrete forms of Brutalism (notably the Barbican Estate and the National Theatre) to the mesmerising textures of England's architectural landmarks (Tate Modern and the Bull Ring), architecture shapes and defines the urban environment. Whilst these structures evoke a sense of sublimity within the city, they cannot help but remind us of our insignificance as we dwell and linger inside the metropolis.

The photographs in MONO. evoke the sense of isolation, showing shadowy and solitary individuals that become marginalised by the overpowering concrete in a clustered and chaotic urban environment.


BIO. - Owen Calvert is a semi-professional photographer living and working in London.

Owen's late father, also an avid photographer, used to say 'it is a monochrome world' – perhaps indicating perpetuity or perhaps an absence of colour. Inspired by this simple phrase, and following in his father's own steps, Owen's images primarily present a milieu of black and white with myriad greys in between.

Specialising in both brutalist and modernist architectures and in environmental portraiture, Owen has developed a substantial portfolio and a distinct style. He continues to advance where his father left off.

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Vales of Memory and Imagination (and other work)

by Graeme Armstrong

Tuesday 17th - 28th April 2018

opening Times 11am – 6pm daily (closed Monday 23 April)

Private View Thursday 19 April, 6 - 8.30pm 


We are our own construct. We create our own narrative through our memory and imagination. We are the sum of our experiences – but our view of these can be faulty. How much do we misremember and imagine? How does memory compare to imagination – and is remembering an act of creation in itself?

Where does our memory of long-unseen photographs and artefacts fit – is it a further level of removal from actual events? What do we really remember – the photograph or what was happening when it was taken?

Working from photographs, letters and audio recordings from the mid-1980s, Graeme Armstrong has created a series of imagined topographical scenes to represent that period of his life.


Greyswood Collage


Greyswood Art + Design was set up by Julia and Graeme Armstrong in 2016. It is a vehicle for Graeme’s creativity which had remained dormant for most of the previous 30 years! This was reawakened by studying graphic design at ual: Chelsea and he is now a fulltime artist. His work combines a graphic style with photographic source material to produce digital art prints. Graeme’s art examines many themes. It looks at our place in nature, and the beauty and inevitability of decay – with his more recent work exploring ideas of memory and identity, themes which are dominant in the new collection.


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Furzedown Affordable Art Show @ Sprout Arts

Tuesday 1st - 12th May 2018

Daily, 11am – 5pm (Exc. Sunday 11 - 3pm)

Private View: Tuesday 1st May 6 - 8.30pm

Anrea Robinson * Ann Funston * Anna Lando * Barbara Laine * Bethan Williams * Chris Lessware * Gabriel Summers * Geraldine Kelly * Graeme Armstrong * Heather Graham * Iain Selwyn-Reeves * Jane Campion * Jude Caisley * Kim Peluffo * Lucinda Dening * Lynn Selwyn-Reeves * Margaret Donaldson * Maria Storey * Marion Jones * Neil Johnson * Rosie Woods * Steve Owen * Sue Owen * Sue Rentoul * Susan Venner * Valerie Taylor

Affordable Collage 2018


Sprout Affordable Art show opens at 11am on Tuesday 1st May as part of Wandsworth Arts Fringe. 25 artists showing their work all priced at under £195. Private View is Tuesday 1st May 6-8.30pm, do join us for a drink and a chat with the artists.

You can also pick up your blank postcards to take part in the Sprout Secret Postcard event which happens in June. Return your completed mini artwork by May 18th to take part.

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the Sprout Spring Party on May 12th. You can pop into Sprout to buy them now as well as online.

We'll be celebrating our little art space having been open for 8 years this May! Who'd have thought our little volunteer run 6 month pop-up would be growing from strength to strength 8 years on?
It takes a lot of hard work and goodwill from our volunteers and our community to keep it going but we think it's worth it. If you do too, please buy a ticket and join us for some fun celebrating our achievements together, and letting us know what else you'd love to see in the future in Sprout.


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Join us to celebrate the success of an adventurous local project

Saturday 12th May 2018 - 6pm 'til 8.30pm


Venue: A private garden, Furzedown 

All welcome.  food, bar and band.

Bring friends.  meet local artists and art lovers. 

Members £10.00 and non-members £15.00*

Book soon! Places limited.

*membership of Sprout Arts is only £10.00 making the Spring Party a bargain!


Sprout Party


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BOXED IN 2 “Creating Landscapes in Boxes”

Tuesday 10th to Wednesday 18th July 2018

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 11am – 5pm

Private view: Thursday 12th July 5.00pm – 8.00pm

Graveney School; Year 10 Art students have collaborated to create a body of work which links to their studied themes of ‘Collections’ and ‘Identity’. The work includes painting, printing, mixed media, sculpture and drawing.

Boxed In 2