New Faces 2020

Tuesday 22nd September - Saturday 3rd October 2020

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am – 5pm

New Faces opens Tuesday September 22nd for a two-week run at the Sprout gallery
This exhibition is our showcase for artists who are new to Sprout this year.  It is an Open Submission meaning

that artists from all kinds of backgrounds and walks of life are free to display their creative endeavors together under one roof.

This will be the fifth annual New Faces exhibition which started in 2016. We hope you will be tempted to come along and have a look at the work of the 12 artists on display.


Participating Artists:


Val Coumont 

Dawn at Congnies Val Coumont

I love painting for the opportunity it gives me to absorb myself in an object, landscape or feeling, and remain there for as long as it takes. It has been a later-life discovery; I was in my 50's when I began, after the best part of 20 years as a member of an Art Therapy group with psychotherapist colleagues.   


Kaylee McHugh

Kaylee McHugh portrait of girl

I am originally from South Africa and have lived in London for three years now. My passion used to be in digital art/comics, but I found myself going down a different path this year. I became a mother and found that I had so much creativity and inspiration at night, after my baby went to sleep and oil painting became my new love. My focus is on portraits and they often allude to the comic artist I used to be, giving them a youthful, fresh look. I usually work with a singlepaint brush in order to keep momentum and flow. 


Jana Rychvalska (Rendle) 

Jana Rendle abstract

I am Slovakian living in London since 1995. Art has been a huge part of my life as far as I can remember. Repurposing/creating pieces from found objects, fasion design, drawing nudes and garden design).
My Abstract In Red canvases were inspired by my original piece I have painted in 2006 that has always created interest. Lockdown allowed me the time to expand on the original concept that I am excited to exhibit


Ce Chen

Ce Chen 2

I have a particular interest in depicting landscape that can only be understood by locals. As a matter of fact, I enjoy pursuing landscapes that achieved a cultural triumph, while indigenous eyes become insensitive due to their site-specific commonness.


Emily Rose Hart

Emily Rose Hart Dark Peach oil aerosol on canvas

I am a painter originally from Kent but now living in Streatham, London. I have a BA Hons degree in Fine Art from Loughborough University as well as an International Diploma from the Finnish Academy of Fine Art, with works in collections in America, China & Finland.
I’m an intuitive abstract expressionist painter who works on various surfaces, taking inspiration from the human form and qualities of paint.


South Island Art. Rowana Mallett

Rowana Mallett Building Bridges

South Island Art, by London-based artist Rowana, focuses on creating evocative travel-inspired art that captures your stories and memories. Through a mix of acrylic and emulsion, her art is made to complement your home decor in colour palettes matched to interior paint brands.
Her new abstract collection explores our connections with travel and what it brings us, combining wanderlust and nostalgia through colour and geometric shapes. It’s about expressing the feelings we experience when we travel and how we connect with places and people. The excitement of planning, the adventure of a trip, new perspectives and the memories that linger long after those moments have passed. A look back to nostalgic, joyful memories of past trips with family and friends and carefree moments.

The inspiration for the collection is a mix of laid-back, youthful wandering and adrenaline-fueled on-the-go adventures. Marveling at breathtaking landscapes and sunsets on idyllic islands to the vibrancy of man-made wonders in modern architectural cities. There is a colour for every mood - warm and mellow to bold and adventurous.

Louise Anderson: Artist – Printmaker

Louise Anderson Monstera deliciosa Leaves II Kew Gardens Cyanotype 2020

Louise Anderson is an artist, a printmaker living in Teddington, inspired by the natural world and she finds herself continually drawn to nature where within this, she can find stillness and peace. Even as a child she would walk Tooting Common where she grew up: painting and drawing. ‘Being in nature is like a meditation, time is lost, and you are able to clear your mind and wipe the slate clean’
Through this new body of work, she explores the memories of loss and stillness by looking through the windows onto life.
Cyanotype is an alternative photographic technique that is over 150 years old, the images captured are from a visit to Kew Gardens in the Princess of Wales Glasshouse.
Louise has a passion for the arts to engage communities: using research, archives, objects, storytelling, photography, printmaking, film making and installations. Delivery of arts-based workshops for all ages; Kingston Museum, Landmark Arts Centre, Kew Art Studio, Museum of Richmond, local art groups. More recently adapting to teaching online running art classes for all ages.
Louise offers 1-1 sessions for adults and children or can design bespoke workshops to meet your needs.
Visiting local schools to deliver specialist classes, recently attending Marlborough Primary School in Isleworth.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Linda Latter 

Linda Latter 2

I spent over five years at art colleges in Norwich (NDD, Pre-Diploma now Foundation), Maidstone (DipAD, now Degree) and Leicester (ATD now PGCE) followed by teaching art in secondary schools (Hampstead Comprehensive & Wood Green Comprehensive), at Fleet Youth Centre and Haringey Adult Education as well as a short stint in sales at the Hayward Gallery, Southbank.

Whilst working in the NHS as a practice counsellor for 17 years, I spent seven years working with a group of patients using art and craft materials to encourage their well-being, self confidence and re-engagement with others.   I now work part time as a group supervisor of counsellors, currently at a Bereavement Service in Camden and have had more time to give to my own artwork.

I have also spent twenty years as a member of a peer run art therapy group after studying art therapy as part of my counsellor training under Liesl Silverstone, the founder of person-centred art therapy.


Galina Hristova

Bitter moon Galina Hristova


Mark Robson

Mark Robson Apples and pears 2


Libby Collar

Libby collar booklet 2Libby Collar booklet 2 2

I am an 18 year old graphic design student at Manchester School of Art and a true Furzedowner at heart. Art was my favourite lesson when I was a pupil at Furzedown Primary School, where we were lucky enough to have a specialist art teacher - I was encouraged to be creative and I developed my love of art and design.
The inspiration for my CORONAVIVAL book lies in Mazlow’s Hierarchy of Needs. It started as a personal project during Lockdown and became a fundraiser for St Georges Hospital’s Coronavirus Fund, raising over £800 so far.’

Imogen Willis

Moonlight Imogen Willis 2

Beau Gregory Giles

Beau Gregory Giles 2

Abigail Stokes

Moules Maison Abigail Stokes 2


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