Polish Women Artists

from South London       

Tuesday 14th to Saturday 25th September 2021

Members Private View Friday 17th September 6:00 to 8:30pm

'Polish Women Artists from South London' is a joint exhibition of eight female creatives.  Although their artwork is different in style and inspiration, they are all sprouting from the same roots of Polish heritage and calling South London their home. 

Karolina Jonc Buczek

Julia Chwascinska

Magdalena del Mar

Monneeshka (Monika Koch)

Joanna Niedzielska

Jo Ostrowka

Ania Pieniazek

Maria Storey

Polish Women Artists Magdalena MariaPolish Women Artists Ania Karolina JoPolish Women Artists Monika Julia Joanna

Karolina Jonc Buczekis a Polish Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in South London.  Her colourful and humorous work often tackles the subject of body positivity, mental health, Polish culture and pop culture.   Karolina has exhibited many times at Sprout and her International Women’s Day post featured on our Instagram story today.
Julia Chwascinska
Inspired by Kandinsky, I desire to understand the relationship between composition within an artwork and how that affects the one looking at it.   The physicality of art as well as the process of creation itself overpowers the artificial concept one might have before an artwork comes to be; the materials used in its formation will naturally drive its meaning, causing the ultimate “death of an artist”.   Authorship is a rather complicated but equally fascinating concept to me.   I am a strong believer that the “degree zero” of art making allows for the most freedom, and the most authentic experience of art - the viewer should be unrestrained to form a deep, personal connection with an artwork.   Thus, I strive to explore various ways of making that experience more upfront. 
Magdalena del Mar works with her beloved palette of blue, green and turquoise hues.
Her main source of inspiration is water-based scenery, waves reflecting on deep blue seas, causing mirror-like shine effects and creating that mystical, magical atmosphere that she is so drawn to.  The endless combinations of different shades/hues of blue and green colour collaboration bring, makes her art relaxing, soothing and therapeutic. 
Monneeshka - also known as Monika Koch is a self-taught Polish artist living the UK for the last 17 years   Monika captures the female beauty with simple lines, brush strokes and block colours.  Her inspirations come from Modigliani art, fashion photography and all women around her.   She loves working with Ink gouache, acrylics and gold leaf. 
Joanna Niedzielska searches for expression through painting and making jewellery.   She was raised in Poland but since 2013 she has been living in South London.  Her favourite subject is London landscapes and her paintings portray city life.    Always intrigued by urban architecture she try to capture a unique atmosphere if interesting streets, squares or buildings.    She also makes jewellery using recycled or upcycled materials
Jo Ostrowka was born and brought up in South London to Polish parents, Jo likes to explore different avenues of creativity particularly in photography 
Ania Pieniazek was born in Katowice Poland.   She studied at Silesia University in Cieszyn, gaining a degree in Art Education in 2003.   She worked with the galleries in Katowice and Warsaw before she permanently moved to London in 2005.   
Working mainly on canvas in oil or acrylic she plays with shapes and vivid colours trying to convey pictures formed in her imagination.   Most of her works are based upon a general figurative art.   Ania’s artist output is divided into several cycles.   These comprise:  Landscapes, Cityscapes, Still Life, Meadows and Trees.   
Maria Storey specialises in lino cuts and draws inspiration from her love of nature and of the wildlife that inhabits urban London and the English countryside .  Daughter to a Polish emigre fine artist, her creative development has grown within the context of Poland’s rich and unique heritage in folk art.   Maria’s prints are all original limited edition, generally ranging from 1-50.   Each print is individually numbered and signed.

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