Wandsworth Art Graduates

Unfold Again      

Tuesday 11th to Saturday 22nd January 2022

Opening Times 11am - 5pm


‘Unfold again’ is another opportunity for Wandsworth art graduates who were involved in our previous exhibitions ‘Unfold’ and ‘A Rudimentary Education’ to exhibit their work. The exhibiting works cross the mediums of Fine art, including painting, collage and sculpture.

This exhibition will provide a create space for Wandsworth’s emerging contemporary artist an opportunity to exhibit their work and network with other new graduate artists.  


Fine Art Photography - Glasgow School of Art

Alex Warner Image 1Alex Warner image 2

I’m an artist/maker also known as koolkatwarner. I work within a range of different mediums including photography, sculpture, drawing, zine making and more. My work specifically uses and explores the uses of primary colours within day-to-day life. My surroundings effect and inspire the things i make, which reflects on British consumerism, fast food joints, sport, 2000s naffness, the urban landscape and modern lives rubbish-ness.



Meryl Yana Artist portraitMeryl Yana IsolatedObjects 2020Meryl Yana ReMembering StudioShot 2021

My work has been driven by a long-standing interest in and engagement with materiality; it is an attempt to understand the world around us through the language of materials, their conversations, and their transformations over time. To be so engaged in materiality it becomes devoid of all functionality and allows it to exist as its own entity. This exploration translates itself through an archaeological- like the process of actively seeking out new mediums and found objects by the means of travelling and taking the studio process outside the studio. This past year I have had the privilege of finding ways to take my process to new places, encountering new materials which have seeped into my practice including, Capuut Mortuum, found tires, fabric, and tiles during my time spent in Lisbon. In my latest experience in India, local objects like kokum, turmeric, seasonal factors like rain, humidity, and fungus too were allowed and enabled to play a part in the process; by choosing to work with nature instead of against it, the works are open and respond to changes in the environment. The emphasis on process rather than considering art as a finished product has resulted in a body of work that functions both as a record of the passage of time and of the possibilities of time.


Fine Art- Leeds Art University
Sculptural drawings

Izabel Wocial collage 1Izabel Wocial collage 2Izabel Wocial collage 3

My artwork focuses on the tensions and interrelationships between human society and urban space. This series of work focuses on the exploration of the abstract method of deconstructing and fragmenting of non-places. In particular, analysing negative space and how humans relate and respond to space and the urge to fill the space around us. Inspired by artist Felippo Minelli and his concept of how space isn’t considered as something that can exist and have an identity on its own without being exploited. I began to explore locations that signified abandonment, deterioration and soullessness. This included alleyways, derelict buildings, billboards and closed fairgrounds. I was drawn to the commonality by the images of abandoned billboards and the empty fairgrounds. Both use strong colours, shapes and imagery to promote commercial entertainment and manufactured fun. So, when these elements are stripped away by time and neglect, their identity and meaning fade, and what is left is a sense of eeriness and soullessness.



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