Steve & Sue Owen

'Chaos and Creation'

Tuesday 14th May to Saturday 25th May 2019
Open 11am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday
Private View and Refreshments on Tuesday 14th May, 5.30pm to 8.30pm



africaMarshland 1Under the microscope


Sue Owen -

I taught Art Textiles in F.E for many years before retiring and having the time to focus on my own work which focuses on my love of colour, pattern and texture in textiles.

Starting points are usually experimental mark making using collage, drawing or mixed media techniques. Several of my pieces are constructed of layers of dyed and printed fabrics which are pieced together to create depth of colour and spontaneous imagery. It is the materials themselves which indicate the direction the work will take, and often ideas change as I introduce new fabrics or recycle pieces. I particularly like working with sheer fabrics printed using heat transfer techniques, these overlay well with the more robust shapes and colours of screen printed fabrics and surface interest is achieved through hand and machine embroidery. Recent work has included painted elements which are enhanced with the addition of fabrics and stitch.

Much of my work embraces natural forms however I also enjoy experimenting with abstract designs inspired by my printed fabrics


 crane and shard 2Pots and pans monoprintPots and pans collage

Steve Owen -

Starting points for the paintings are quite often the faded graphics in 50’s and 60’s magazines and often there is a fair amount of ‘pop’ ephemera buried in the resulting imagery. Paintings start fairly chaotic but are gradually ‘tamed’ however the temptation to reach a finished outcome too quickly is often difficult to resist. Initial shapes and collage material lie half concealed under washes of colour-half eroded and scratched away, and what may appear spontaneous in the work often requires destruction, obliteration, reworking and refining.

The limited edition prints in the exhibition are a new development, and incorporate layers of mono printing and paint combined with photo screen prints. Starting points are anything from London’s city and industrial buildings such as the Shard and Greenwich’s endangered and historical gasometer.

Steve Owen studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art before embarking on a career teaching Art in secondary schools and FE colleges.

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