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by Marion Jones & Chris Lessware

Tuesday 19th - 31st March 2019

Opening Times Tuesday – Sunday 11am – 5pm

Thursday 'til 7pm, Closed Monday

Private View: Thursday 21st March  5:30-8pm


 Marion Jones

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Marion makes abstract geometric paintings that emphasise edges, lines and planes. They often contain transparent and opaque layers, solid and floating forms, matt and shiny surfaces and colour. She has exhibited in a wide range of different galleries and has paintings in a number of private collections. 

See website for additional exhibitions -


Chris Lessware

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My painting is abstract; it contains no symbolism, no disguised representation, no consciously emotional content, no “reality through a prism”. It is solely concerned with the interaction of paint, charcoal, pastel with surface. In my view, there is no requirement to “say” anything in a picture that can be put into words – paint has its own language, in the same way that music has.

The question “What does this painting mean?” is therefore one that I regard as redundant. It means what it is in itself, as well, of course, as having (or lacking!) a meaning in a social-historical context.

This is not to say that I am hostile to representational painting; rather, I see no point to it other than that, that might be equally or better served by abstraction.

My pictures, then, are concerned with colour, structure, movement and stasis, texture. I am interested in contrasting textures, colours, structural factors: single central image or dispersed elements? Main image “contained” or going to edge, and by implication, continuing beyond? Blurring and concealment, as against sharpness of image; direction of mark/brush stroke; shiny or matt areas, when seen from front or oblique angle; effect of bleed of pigment; the cut of black around an image or part of one; the role of chance. I think the examples I have attached contain, when taken as a whole, all these factors.

These concerns and practices, I think, are central to all painting, abstract, representational and figurative and are perhaps obvious; nevertheless, they are perennial.

My paintings are produced, for the most part, flat on the floor; I do sometimes make preparatory sketches, but often do not – colours are sometimes mixed on a palette, but more often, on the canvas itself. I have tended to use certain sizes repeatedly; 40*30 inches (example, New Rose) until recently. Now I prefer a square – 100*100 cms (the other images). Maybe the smaller size makes for a more central image, the square for more dispersal.

As for titles, they are a convenience, to avoid using “Untitled” or dates and numbers. I often use song titles or TV programmes or personal events; I try to avoid referring to any identifiable feature of the painting itself, or accidental resemblance to some object from the real world.

I believe that I work within the tradition of Abstract Expressionism and am happy to accept that label, with the proviso that there is no implied “spiritual” or emotional driving-force or objective. In my view, the paintings should be regarded as material objects with such-and-such a pattern of shapes, colours and textures. Many artists are, I believe, blind to the “meaning” of their own works – it is the job of critics to explain them.

In summary, I see my work as traditional, possibly reactionary – painting on canvas – not relevant in any political sense; concerned with issues tackled continuously since the 50s at least, but never solved. Briefly, influences; Appel, Jorn, De Kooning, Lanyon, Diebenkorn, Mitchell. Of living artists, Albert Oelhen and Vaida Carvanho.

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Recent Paintings & Prints

5th - 16th March 2019

Open Tuesday - Sunday, 11am – 5pm

Private View Friday 8th March, 6 - 8.30pm

Monoprinting Demonstration with Maureen Sweeney - Sunday 10th March, 12-1pm 


Maureen Sweeney

Fiona Reid

Margaret Donaldson

Margo Random


The Burntwood Group led by Maureen Sweeney is a group of artist friends who meet monthly in Maureen’s home studio. Project-led, we meet to discuss, share and bounce ideas off each other. We are all interested in working from things we’ve seen or experienced but portraying them in a way that is not too defined/descriptive or restrictive. We’ve worked in a variety of media including oil, acrylic and watercolour and in printing have included collotype, mono-print, etching, linocut and screen-printing. The Burntwood Group, originally started some 20 years ago, has exhibited together many times including several shows at Sprout Arts. Margo Random has joined us for the past year and this will be her first time showing her work with us.

Maureen Sweeney 

Maureen Sweeney image1 2

Maureen Sweeney was born in London and studied Fine art and was awarded a post graduate year in printmaking at Wimbledon School of Art and Morley College, amongst her tutors were Maggie Hambling, Frank Auerbach and Prunella Clough. She taught Art and printmaking in secondary schools and adult education.

The city and her travels are a source of inspiration in her paintings and prints. The Thames which she crossed daily to school from Chelsea to Battersea and which was beside Battersea Power Station feature in her etching series “ River Trip” taken from drawings done on river boats travelling the Thames. Her monoprints, paintings and etchings of Battersea Power Station show her attachment to this great building. Travels in Britain and abroad captured in sketchbooks are translated into paintings using vibrant colour and fluid brushstrokes.

Maureen has exhibited widely in Britain, France ,Germany , Norway , Russia and Israel. She exhibits at Southbank Printmakers gallery, Gabriel’s Wharf, Upper Ground SE1 9PP near the Oxo tower and Greenwich Printmakers Gallery, Greenwich Market, Greenwich SE10 9HZ. She is a committee member of The National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers. She was a committee member and co-curator of The Printmakers Council for many years .Maureen’s prints, paintings and drawings have been collected by private patrons and collections in Britain and abroad. Amongst the group exhibitions she has exhibited are The Summer Exhibition Royal Academy, Stowell Trophy Royal Academy, The Royal Watercolour Open, The Royal painters and Printmakers Open, National Theatre, Natural History Museum.

Recent exhibitions include Greenwich printmakers at UCL, National Society of Painters, Sculptors and Printmakers 2018 The Menier Gallery London, Royal Brompton Hospital. Featured Artist 2019 Greenwich Printmakers Gallery, Forthcoming exhibitions :- Burntwood Art Group at Sprout Gallery, Moyser Rd. Tooting SW16 in March , Greenwich Printmakers at the Watts Gallery July-Sept 2019 , Greenwich Printmakers at Salvation Army HQ, St Paul’s. London. Greenwich Printmakers at The Barbican Library.

Twitter:- @mosweeney artist, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fiona Reid 

Fiona Reid image1 2

Margaret Donaldson

Margaret Donaldson image1 2

Margo Random 

Margo Random image1 2

Margo has come to art following a career as a musician, songwriter and actress. Studying mainly at Putney School of Art, for the past nine years she has been passionate about making art and oil painting in particular. Margo has shown her work at Putney School of Art, winning the Oil Painting Prize at the 2016 summer show for ‘Orange Woman’. Margo has had solo exhibitions at Sprout Art Gallery, Urban Art Fair and Wandsworth Artists Open House and has shown her work at Jonaquest Art in Greenwich and Riverside Building in Hammersmith. Five of her ‘Tooting Bec’ paintings were acquired by London Transport Museum as a series of limited edition prints. Margo’s work encompasses landscape, still life and portraits with an abstract sensibility and love of colour derived from her travels, her London home and her origins in New York. ‘I love to paint with an element of surprise; an unusual composition, colour palette, subject or degree of abstraction.’ This is the first time Margo has shown her work with Burntwood Art Group and is pleased to be exhibiting her monoprints, woodcuts and linocuts inspired by her work with them. 

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Tuesday 19th February - Saturday 2nd March 2019

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11am – 5pm

Private View Tuesday 19th February, 6.30 - 8pm

Mini Picture Show Collage

Some of the artists you'll recognise from previous shows have joined together to show a range of small scale paintings, prints, photography, drawings, quilting and felt-making as aprt of our first 'mini Picture Show'. 

Artwork is all approximately 40x30cm or smaller priced under £145


Participating Artists:


Andrea Robinson works with printmaking, text, installation, performance and poetry. She is a founder member of print collective The Friday Group and a member of the Printmakers Council and Southbank Printmakers. 

Andrea’s prints and artist books are held in private and public collections and archives, including Scarborough Museum, Chelsea College of Art, The British Library, Tate Britain, and V&A.
Her work has been exhibited at venues throughout the UK and internationally.
Exhibitions in 2019 include: Miniscule, Cross Lanes Projects and Year of the Pig, an Elements Gallery project for Chinese New Year.

Andrea Robinson image 1Andrea Robinson image 2


Instagram: @andrearobinsonartist
Facebook: AndreaRobinsonArtist


 Barbara Laine image1


Barbara Laine  has been a quilter and embroiderer for over thirty years.

She exhibits regularly with the Dulwich Quilters.

Recently, her great interest has been in colour, and in how and why it works. She has

been trying to work organically, without a preconceived pattern, or grid, which is harder to do

than it looks. She work mostly with cotton materials, some of which she has dyed herself.




Chris Lessware is a South London artist who has exhibited in a number of different venues and has paintings in a wide number of personal collections. For more information refer to his website and weekly blog.

Chris Lessware image1Chris Lessware image2



Fiona Stephen is painter and printmaker in south-west London. She is a member of Slaughterhouse Print Studio.


Gill Stockbridge 

More info to come


Iain Selwyn-Reeves has lived in Furzedown for almost 20 years and is a full-time interiors photographer by day.

In recent years Iain has developed a distinct range of photographic artwork. Each piece starts with an original high-resolution photograph of a location, which is then digitally edited to create the final artwork.
Iain’s recent work includes areas of South London. Tooting has of course been of particular interest and features in several prints.
Iain also enjoys the more traditional approach to photography, which can be seen in his landscape images.

ISR image1ISR image2

Jacqueline Merry-Bernard 

More info to come

JMB image1JMB image2


Jude Caisley was born and raised in Northumberland, England and trained in
fashion and textiles at Newcastle Polytechnic. After working as a designer in
the fashion industry for 20 years, she discovered her love for painting and
now lives and works in London as a full time artist.
Jude’s expressive abstract paintings are dynamic, ethereal and full of
movement and vibrant colour. Large areas of subtle blending are punctuated
with bold gestural marks, rich textures and intricate detail. The inescapable
beauty of the natural world inspires her work, whilst in awe and wonder of the
Creator. Music also has a major influence and is an important part of her
process. Working mainly in acrylic paint she employs both traditional and
innovative painting techniques.

Jude Caisley image1Jude Caisley image2


Julie Sullock studied Fine Art at St Martin's School of Art and completed an M.A in Printmaking at Brighton Polytechnic in1988. She continues to produce work using various techniques such as Lithography, Screen and Etching. She combines the different mediums of Etching and Screen printing to build up layers of colour which create different perspectives within the work. Julie has exhibited at the Mall Galleries and at the National Open Print Exhibition at the Bankside Gallery and is a member of Southbank Printmakers where more of her prints can be viewed.

Julie Sullock image1Julie Sullock image2


Lucinda Denning's work is about colour, pattern and people.

Lucinda has been painting for many years in oil, watercolour and mosaic. She works on commissions from large public paintings to small domestic portraits.
Oil paint is a medium Lucinda loves, with its rich colour and sensual texture, as well as the great versatility and flexibility.
Lucinda enjoys creating people with pain and imagining their story as they emerge from her brushes. Fabric, architecture as well as plant life create patterns and shapes incorporated within her paintings. and facebook page.

Lucinda Denning image1Lucinda Denning image2


Lynn Selwyn-Reeves studied Visual Communications before becoming a home furnishings buyer. She is now is a full-time photographer and illustrator living and working in Furzedown.

Lynn loves digital photography, especially the editing process as a medium for abstracting everyday objects or locations to give a new perspective. When not photographing locations, Lynn loves photographing children. Capturing expressions ‘in the moment’ and recording photographic memories never ceases to bring a smile.
Lynn also creates hand drawn line illustrations inspired by nature and bespoke pen & ink house portraits. Creating original artwork for children’s rooms, is a particular favourite. Some illustrations then become the starting point for her nursery print range.
Instagram: @FurzedownArtStudio_Photography
Twitter: @FurzedownArtStudio

LSR image1LSR image2


Maria Storey graduated from The London College of Printing with a BA (Hons) in Graphic Design, specialising in Printmaking.

Having worked as a graphic designer for 25 years, She has recently resumed her passion for printmaking.

Maria specialises in lino cuts and draws inspiration from her love of nature and of the wildlife that inhabits urban London and the english country side.
Daughter to a Polish émigré fine artist, her creative development has grown within the context of Poland's rich and unique heritage in folk art.

Maria's prints are all original limited editions, generally ranging from 10 to 50.
Each print is individually numbered and signed.

Maria Storey image1


Marion Jones

Marion Jones makes abstract geometric paintings that emphasise edges, lines and planes. They often contain transparent and opaque layers, solid and floating forms, matt and shiny surfaces and colour. She has exhibited in a wide range of different galleries and has paintings in a number of private collections.

See website for additional exhibitions -


Marion Jones image1Marion Jones image2


Pete Solari  As a young artist I was an apprentice to the sculptor, painter and printmaker Ana Maria Pacheco and exhibited, including an etching in the Royal Academy, regularly. However, I turned towards another love, teaching, and became a Head of Art for almost thirty years. During this time, I continued to create my own work and in 2014 started to exhibit again with an exhibition at Stad Hall in Hastings. I have had three solo exhibitions at Sprout and this will be my second group one. I have another solo exhibition in April. It was only when I started to exhibit again that I realised that almost all my work evoked my love of the landscape. Trying to capture the atmosphere and beauty of the world around us. In this exhibition are three works that encapsulate that.

Peter Solari image1Peter Solari image2


Phoebe Leigh is a self-taught emerging artist with a passion for exploring mixed media on canvas. She loves to use whatever materials she can get her hands on including stones, sand, glue, spray paint, varnish and acrylic to achieve unique dense texture and multi-dimensional work you can’t resist but reach out to touch.

Phoebe often experiments with new techniques on smaller canvases before introducing scale. She has a range of canvases from the tiny to the vast in varying colours and also welcomes commissions.

Phoebe Leigh image1Phoebe Leigh image2


Rachel Busch After graduating from art college Rachel worked as a freelancer illustrator in editorial publishing for over twenty-five years. Inspired by the prints of Edward Bawden and Charles Shearer, she decided to enrol in a Printmaking course at The Curwen Print Study Centre in 2010 and has never looked back. Her 'Dark in the Park' print was selected for the Royal Academy 250th Summer Exhibition in 2018, selling out and resulting in various commissions. She works from her home studio in West London, where visitors are always welcome by appointment.

Rachel Busch image1Rachel Busch image2


Rosie Woods grew up in Northern Ireland and graduated in illustration from Central St Martins School of Art, London. She is an established illustrator, illustrating for publishing, design and advertising industries, including illustrating several children’s books.

She loves painting outdoors and watching the changing seasons. She enjoys the challenge of a time frame and the spontaneity that are associated with plein air painting.

Rosie Woods image1Rosie Woods image2


Steve Owen works in paint, collage and mixed media, and often a combination of all three. He has a passion for the grime and grittiness of the urban environment we live in and a keen eye for evidence of the recent past buried in old billboards and trashy magazines.

He has exhibited in mixed shows at the Bankside gallery and the Dulwich Picture gallery, as well as several shows at SproutArt and the Urban Art fair in Brixton.


Steve Owen image1Steve Owen image2


Sue Owen

After teaching textile art for many years Sue has now retired and is producing her own creative textiles in a variety of media including appliqué, screen, collograph and transfer prints. She often uses hand dyed fabrics as a base layer and incorporates hand and machine stitch to add surface decoration and interest. She has a passion for colour and texture which manifests itself in abstract pieces generally inspired by the materials themselves.

Sue Owen image1Sue Owen image2


Valerie Taylor 

More info to come


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Sprout Poster PL workshop




Louis Caro

5th - 16th February 2019

Tuesday - Saturday 11am to 5pm

Private View Wednesday 13th February, 4-8pm 

Louis Caro is an Artist currently based in London. He studied on the Foundation Year at the Royal Drawing School and graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2018. His work explores themes of ambiguity, perception, interconnectedness and spirituality, drawing from a wide range of eclectic influences. 


Louis Caro image1 2Louis Caro image2 2


Pneuma ‘Pneuma’ is an ancient Greek word that is commonly translated as ’spirit’, ’breath’, or ‘breath of life’. The word or one of its derivatives is referred to in many religious texts and speaks of the underlying essence, the oneness that resides in everything. Art in its many forms can act as a guide inward, to help us realise, understand and even transcend our surface level perceptions and projections in order to venture deeper within our own psyche and being. The exhibition will include prints, photographs and other media, concerned with pointing to this essence through unconscious expression and self-inquiry.


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