Gillian Foster & Kevin Williams

Tuesday 7th to 18th March 2017

Open 11am – 6pm, daily

Private View Friday 10th March, 6.00 - 8.00pm


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Gillian Foster - I am an ex primary school teacher, now working as a private tutor in Maths and English. Art and crafts have always been hobbies since childhood but I learnt watercolour painting with Kevin Williams in my forties. That inspired me to move into mixed media work. The crochet and knitting skills I learnt from my gran proved very useful too and I started to branch out into making dolls, brooches, throws etc. I like drawing people and working with sketch books. I've attended some life classes but am mainly self taught in this. Each year I do an art day with my yr 6 leavers and the work they can produce never fails to astound me. My exhibition includes a range of paintings, collages, knitted and crocheted corsages, papier mache figures, and boats made from driftwood and material found on the beach. I often upcycle discarded 'treasures' and am excited by found objects which I can think about to use in a different way. I hope the exhibits manifest some of the fun and enthusiasm I get from my hobby.


Kevin Williams' work has featured in many private collections both in the UK and abroad. He has been teaching drawing and watercolour painting in Adult Education for 16 years.
"After graduating from Twickenham School of Art I worked as a freelance illustrator and Graphic Designer for large organisations which included Nestle, Evian, Young's Seafoods and Superdrug. My paintings are usually in watercolour or gouache. I paint on location in all weathers. I use a loose energetic style, splattering and an occasional use of collage combined with more considered brushwork. I have recently renewed my interest in life drawing."

Kevin has held an Open studio Event for 20 years. Five of these years were part of Merton Arts Trail.


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