Steve & Sue Owen @ The Sprout Gallery

Tuesday 5th to Saturday 16th September 2017
Open 11am to 4:30pm Tuesday to Saturday
Private View and Refreshments on Saturday 9th September, 5.30pm to 8.30pm


Steve and Sue’s work explores  the abstract quality  of rhythm,  texture, colour, and shape through print making and creative textiles. There are hints of figuration, with retro comic book and old graphic imagery often used as a starting point for screen prints. The more mundane the stimuli  for  the work the bigger the challenge for Steve!  Sue’s work often features a combination of print and stitch her work evolves according to the materials being used and she embraces the concept of a ‘happy accident’ in her work.


SteveSue Owen image 3Steve Owen image 1SueSteve Owen image 1


Sue Owen - Sue taught fashion and textiles for over 20 years before taking early retirement from teaching.  She now enjoys creating her own textile art using a variety of techniques.  She enjoys combining print with stitch and her work often displays layers of fabric and colour with the addition of hand and machine stitching.  A recent development has been to work with sheer fabrics, over printing and layering to create patterns and tonal interest in her work. Sue finds that her work develops spontaneously, growing and developing from her large collection of printed samples which undergo metamorphosis until they reach a natural conclusion.

crane and shard 2Pots and pans collagePots and pans monoprint

Steve Owen - What may appear spontaneous in the work is often a consequence of much obliteration and reworking. Screen prints go through a series of transformations and developments until recognisable figurative imagery eventually appears. ‘There is a point along the scale somewhere between abstraction and figuration at which the finished painting rests. Finished paintings are not really recognisable as specific representations of places or events but neither are they abstract investigations of colour, shape and tone.’ Steve studied Fine Art Painting at Wimbledon School of Art before embarking on a career teaching Art in secondary schools and in further education. He has now returned to his original intended career path of painter and printmaker.

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