Jessica Taylor

Tuesday 11th to 22th October 2016

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11am – 5pm

Private View Friday 14th October 6.00 - 8.30pm

Something of the world is transformed when it is possible to make a painting or a drawing about it. It has a subtle but explosive quality, always yielding the unexpected; freeing sadness to dance. This is what Jessica feels after a painting.

Before, it looms as a daunting, empty and depressing activity. Empty because the space to encounter is still uninhabited, still free. And lack of boundedness is always frightening. Because of this, a painting has to be the last resort.


JT distanceJT oldchagallJT sherides

Jessica Taylor is a south london based artist. Her paintings and drawings are process driven and emerge through gaze, time and intuition in unpredictable ways. In painting she enjoys conversations between solid and transparent layers, and enjoys finding some balance between entropy and negentropy.

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