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Jessica Taylor

Tuesday 11th to 22th October 2016

Open Tuesday - Saturday, 11am – 5pm

Private View Friday 14th October 6.00 - 8.30pm

Something of the world is transformed when it is possible to make a painting or a drawing about it. It has a subtle but explosive quality, always yielding the unexpected; freeing sadness to dance. This is what Jessica feels after a painting.

Before, it looms as a daunting, empty and depressing activity. Empty because the space to encounter is still uninhabited, still free. And lack of boundedness is always frightening. Because of this, a painting has to be the last resort.


JT distanceJT oldchagallJT sherides

Jessica Taylor is a south london based artist. Her paintings and drawings are process driven and emerge through gaze, time and intuition in unpredictable ways. In painting she enjoys conversations between solid and transparent layers, and enjoys finding some balance between entropy and negentropy.

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Amy Adams & Lesley-Ann Shaw

Tuesday 13th to 24th September 2016

Open daily, 11am – 5pm

Private View Tuesday 13th September 6.30 - 8.30pm

Amy Adams and Lesley-Ann Shaw are exhibiting together for the first time at Sprout. Both residents of Furzedown the exhibition will be a combination of Amy’s photography and Lesley-Ann’s screen-prints and collage.


Amy’s inspiration comes from local places, familiar things and follows the theme of secrets and discoveries; personal journeys through our different selves mixed with the beauty in the ordinary around us.

LAS Image1LAS Image2LAS Image3

Lesley-Ann works with found images, mainly vintage magazines and texts, re-ordering and removing from their normal context to challenge the interpretation. Her work often begins as a collage and ends as a screen-print or somewhere in between, the process changing the focal point and often finding the absurd that comes from looking differently at the ordinary.

Amy & Lesley-Ann will be holding a workshop on Wednesday 21st September after school at 3.45-4.30. It will be on the theme of Secrets using found images and making new works of art using cut outs and making a collage.

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Exhibition of Artwork by

Girvan Thompson

Tuesday 30th August to 10th September 2016

Open daily, 11am – 5pm

Private View Saturday 3rd September 5.30 - 7.30pm

 Girvan Fore 2

Girvan was born in Jamaica moving to England in 1962 and has always resided in Wandsworth. His love for art was started at primary school with encouragement from his teacher and then was further influenced when at secondary school where his artistic talent was widened to include all mediums. When he left school he continued to enjoy art and expanded into photography where he developed his own pictures, creating a dark room in his kitchen! He has also entered photographic competitions such as Wandsworth in View and Practical Photography. He enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums but lino prints are his favourite. 

Art to Girvan is an expression of how he sees the world around him.  A lot of his work is colourful, loud and full of laughter, just like his personality.

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'The Magic of Brittany'

The Land of Light and Mystery

by Brian Sharland

Tuesday 2nd – Saturday 13th August 2016

Open Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm

Private View 

Brittany has long been the destination of many artists across the decades.  Many were drawn by the quality of the light there and even today the light in Brittany is special. This exhibition captures the essence of that magical quality and sets out to show the quiet beauty and the magnificence that is Brittany.  These images were taken during my artist in residence stay over the autumn of 2015.  In that time I visited many places in that beautiful province and recorded several hundred photos both on the coast and inland.  Brittany is surrounded by sea on three sides but has a vast interior given mostly to farming.  I have tried to give a picture of Brittany as a whole from the apocalyptic drained lake at Guerlédan to the red cliffs of Le Pouldu and the resort of Concarneau to bays of the Cote d'Armor!





Brian Sharland is a photographic chronicler of both his local area, Tooting and Balham, and nationally, with a personal folio that covers Scotland to Sussex and Cornwall to Norfolk. Best known for his website, which exists to promote British landscape photography Brian also runs landscape workshops and gives talks about landscape photography to camera clubs, schools and other organisations across the country. His images, cards or prints, are on sale at various outlets across London.

Artists Statement

“My photography reflects both my love of the wild landscape such as mountains but also the more gentle urban locations. I spend a lot of time photographing my local area (Tooting) as it holds many hidden corners and delightful places.

My love of landscape generally is what drives me to promote British landscape photography as collectible art, which we do through the UKlandscape website. Where else in the world is there such a diverse landscape as we have on this beautiful island we all live on. I hope to record as many of its various aspects as I can”.

Mob:​07745 136 424
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Rutherford House School presents

The Animal Whisperer @ Sprout Arts       

Tuesday 19th to 30th July 2016

Tuesday to Saturday, 11am – 5pm 


Last year Sprout Arts brought art to life at Rutherford House School, working on 'The Tiger Who Came to School', an art project based on the popular book by Judith Kerr. The children loved the workshops so much that we are doing it again.

Rutherford House has created a new art project using recycled materials called 'The Animal Whisperer' with Sprout Arts. Artist Soraia Waterhouse from Eco & Creative Art and Alison Royce from South London Story Telling have produced an interactive art project for the school.

From 19th July this project will be on show at Sprout Arts with further workshops and storytelling activities. 

We will also be holding a children’s storytelling & creative workshop on Saturday 22 July at 1.30pm. See you there...

Rutherford House School

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