Wandsworth Art Grads 

   Final Year Show       

Monday 8th to Saturday 20th February 2021

Window display 

(Some art for sale) 

Wandsworth Art Grads is a new community project set up in 2020 to support young artists by organising a ‘Final Year Show’ offering opportunities to network and engage with local established artists and access peer and mentor support. This is their second show after Art Lucuna in Battersea. With new works, this window display collection showcases 6 of Wandsworth’s talented 2020 art graduates. Please do come and support these amazing artists through our windows and follow them on social media …… they are all going places!

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Illustration - University of Gloucestershire
My work in children's books is generally focused on presenting history in a way that's both engaging to look at and useful for contextualising the historical information one might learn about that period in time. Combining research together from museums by looking at artefacts and relics, merges everything into one coherent depiction of the past in a way that is more relatable and coherent in understanding the day to day lives of people in the ancient world.


Correspondence Course
The piece I submitted had been worked on and over for a number of months. The
layers of paint, both oil and acrylic have been scratched and peeled away to reveal
earlier paintings, some collaged elements are also employed to add to the surface. This
painting is a culmination of a lot of material experiments and it reflects a state of
information overload.


Fine Art Photography - Glasgow School of Art
I’m an artist/maker also known as koolkatwarner. I work within a range of different mediums including photography, sculpture, drawing, zine making and more. My work specifically uses and explores the uses of primary colours within day-to-day life. My surroundings effect and inspire the things i make, which reflects on British consumerism, fast food joints, sport, 2000s naffness, the urban landscape and modern lives rubbish-ness.


Printmaking - Glasgow School of Art
Working mainly with oils, watercolour and etching, my work focuses on the landscape, looking at how we refract the permanent impermanence of landscape through historically romantic notions of the sublime. This year’s work has been particularly focused on the Scottish landscape, the transience of it and my emotive response to it. Through a process of tree planting, I explored the activity of trying to crystallise our personal conceptions of the landscape, how we try to capture it artistically in an age of ecological anxiety. This process has helped me establish a dialogue between the romantic notions of landscape painting and the space it claims in terms of bringing an embodied approach to understanding the environment. Printmaking and its slightly indeterminate nature have formed a huge part of my work in my final year at art school, creating a series of 45 tree etchings relating to each tree planted at the GSA Highlands and Islands campus. This Monotype print is oil on Hahnemühle paper, produced during lockdown in my garden at home, a time of reflection and admiration for the natural world around us as we were forced to pause and look at the space in inhabit.”


Graphic Design - Glasgow School of Art
My final year at university was spent running around with paper pre-treated in cyanotype solution, stealing shadows from the streets of Glasgow and Madrid, to remote waterfalls on my residency in Rorà. I am completely enamoured with this act of collection. The process in rooted in alchemy - where the combination of potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate allow preservation of such specific, physical memories: ones of light, time and space. As a result, I am able to gather intimate pieces of places I’ve been, capturing their intimate details - two in the exhibition are from Rorà, Piedmont, August 2020 @mllyjohnsn

Fine Art- Leeds Art University
Sculptural drawings

My artwork focuses on the tensions and interrelationships between human society and urban space. I aim to communicate this through the use of objects and their relationships in order to highlight how space influences human behaviour and life experiences. This has been expressed by using the opportunities and constraints of the studio environment in order to explore the interaction of materials to each other, and the space available, as a parallel to real life experience.
I define my practice as sculptural drawing, my site responsive work explores the architectural space through the process of expanded drawing. Defining my practice as sculptural drawing was inspired by Rosalind Krauss’s (1979) essay “Sculpture in the Expanded field.” In this essay, Krauss states that the definition of sculpture, has become significantly broader and harder to define. I explore the concept of the expanded field across my practice through evolving from two to three-dimensional drawing, questioning the boundaries of drawing, using materials, line, space, form and process.
Through the use of ad-hoc techniques, I question the dialogues happening within the space, improvising with the materials and exploring how the materials interact with the existing properties of the space; emphasising that my work is a process of thinking through making.


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Insta: @sprout_arts_london/

Twitter: #sproutarts