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The Last Picture Show

Marion Jones (1952 - 2021) & Chris Lessware

Tuesday 28th September - 9th October 2021

Open 11am – 5pm (closed Monday)

Private View Tuesday 28th Sept  7-9pm


Marion Jones - 1952 -2021 

Marion died on 5th July 2021. These are the biographical details she submitted for her exhibition at Sprout last year. Proceeds from sales of her work will go to Myeloma UK.

marion 1marion 2

Marion is a non-figurative painter, whose paintings are made up of thinly stained and saturated coloured layers. The structure is developed through the divisions of squares and rectangles. Process and intuition also play a decisive role.

She has exhibited in a wide range of venues including the Royal Academy and the Cello Factory and was selected for The London Group Open in 2017 and 2019.
She was long listed for the Jacksons Painting Prize in 2019 and will be taking part in The Beep Painting Biennial in Oct. 2020.

Selected for The Beep Painting Prize / Biennial 2020 3rd Oct- 7th November 2020 Elysium Gallery Swansea


Recent exhibitions have included:
The London Group Open pt2 Dec 2019- The Cello Factory Waterloo
Design Week Paris – 3 paintings and Gallery Ecart International Sept 2019
Sprout Arts joint exhibition March 2019
Paintings in Living Etc. Jan edition 2019
SVAF - selected exhibition Cello Factory Waterloo Feb 2018 SFSA- Painting Open Deptford Dec. 2018
SVAF Open -Kaleidoscope gallery Feb/March 2018
SFSA -Painting Open Deptford Dec 2017
London Group Open pt 2 Nov 22- Dec 1st 2017 Cello Factory London SE1
Small- PSMirabel ManchesterJuly / August 2017
RWS -Contemporary watercolour exhibition Bankside 2017
Mono - PS Mirabel, - Manchester Feb-March 2017
Edges and Planes- June 2016
Tectonic Plates- Solo exhibition -Temple Cloisters Jan - April 2016

Ten- Gerald Moore Gallery -SLWA- Nov-Dec 2015
Shelf Life PSMirabel Manchester Sept-October 2015
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 'Bars and Triangles' 2015
FACK - shortlisted for West London Art Prize - Griffin Gallery -July


Chris Lessware

CL burning in the green 


Chris is a South London artist who has exhibited in a number of different venues and has paintings in a wide number of personal collections.
For more information refer to his website and weekly blog.


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Art and Friendship Exhibition

from South London       

Tuesday 12th to Saturday 23rd October 2021

Val Coumont & Linda Latter

 Paintings, Drawings, Art Autobiography, Storyboards & Cards 

We are showing artwork completed when together walking as well as work done individually. These are places seen, experienced and loved, for example, Val’s travels to the Hebrides, the Auvergne, India and Nepal and Linda’s holidays in La Gomera, Sussex and Greece.

Val has a series of “windows” and “doors” inspired by the colours of India and Nepal alongside some writing which grew from this intense experience.

Linda has a series of paintings entitled “meridians” on the theme of changes through life from youth, the middle years to the end of life. She also is showing two “Storyboards” based on poems.

We include our Art Autobiographies which have been developed by Val into her “Painting our Lives ” group in her work for the Mental Health Service.


Linda Latter

I spent five years at art colleges and then taught art in Secondary Schools, the Youth Service and Adult Education. I also ran art groups for parents and children before working in educational advice. Later I re-trained in counselling and spent 35 years as a counsellor and supervisor including some teaching. Concurrently, I was in a peer-led art therapy group for many years. In the NHS, I also worked for 7 years with a group of patients using art and craft materials to improve their confidence, well-being and re-engagement. In retirement I now have more time for art.

Val Coumont

Val Coumont trained as a psychotherapist in the mid-1980’s. While working at the Waterloo Community Counselling Project in 1988, she met Linda Latter, and the two have been friends ever since, sharing a love of painting and walking. They both became members of an art therapy group, and it was as a result of this that Val unexpectedly began painting in her fifties. She loves the undivided focus and absorption which painting requires, not dissimilar to the therapist’s undivided attention to her client in a psychotherapy session.
In 2007, just before she turned 60, Val visited India for the first time, and the main group of her paintings in this exhibition came from that journey. Travelling south from Mumbai in trains and buses, she visited towns and cities, temples and shrines, markets, coffee plantations and waterways. 9 years later, she began to paint this experience.
Other pictures are from journeys which Linda and Val have shared, particularly in the Scottish islands, and central and southern France.
In recent years, Val took inspiration from Linda’s art autobiography to create “Painting our Lives” groups within an NHS mental health service, as well as to record parts of her own life-story in pictures.
She lives in South London with her husband, a visiting cat, and an unaccountably tame fox.

Jane Richards
Jane Richards 1Jane Richards 2

Jane came to London aged 18 in the 1970's and attended the pottery evening class which started, for her, a life-long enthusiasm for working in clay. She studied at Harrow School of Art in 1977 and obtained a Higher Diploma in Studio Pottery in 1979. She had a stall in the Apple Market in Covent Garden from 1980-1983. As well as working in a studio in Pimlico selling pots to shops, a restaurant and at Craft Fairs, she started teaching in Adult Education Institutes. This followed with other classes in Youth Clubs and Day Centres. She has just retired from teaching Pottery at Sutton College and Penwortham Primary School where she taught mainstream classes, adults with learning difficulties and disabilities and primary school children of all ages.
Jane has always enjoyed creating pots on the wheel and the work on display in this show is all thrown. She uses a variety of clays to make bowls, bottles, jugs and vases which she decorates with surface texture, slips and Chinese glazes. In recent years Jane's focus has been on teaching and she has welcomed the opportunity to make a collection of work for this Art and Friendship exhibition in Sprout to sit alongside the paintings of Val Coumont and Linda Latter.


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Call for Artists 2022

(Expressions of Interest by 1st September 2021)

2022 call for artists


Calling all artists interested in applying for an exhibition in Sprout Arts in 2022 . Please complete the proposal form and email it back with at least 3 jpeg images of examples of work by 1st September 2021.

We are particularly looking for artists available to show between April and June 2022 in the first instance and happy to receive solo, joint and group applications for discussion.

Any questions, do get in touch.
Kind Regards,
The Sprout Arts Team


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Coming soon in 2021 to Sprout Arts!


A programme of exhibitions and events

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14 - 25 September Polish Women Artists
28 September Sprout AGM 7:30pm on Zoom
28 September - 11 October

Marion Jones (1952 - 2021) &

Chris Lessware

12 - 23 October Val Coumont, Linda Latter & Jane Richards
26 October - 6 November Steve & Sue Owen
9 - 20 November  Lockdown Reflections