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Have you heard about the exciting Sprout 'Artist in Residence' opportunity?

Sprout’s 3rd Artist in Residency – Applications Open Now!

The residency programme at Sprout Community Arts is in its 3rd year now and is open to artists of all ages and backgrounds with a minimum of 3 years’ experience. It is an opportunity for artists to
explore new ideas, change direction, reflect on their practice, and receive feedback and support.

This is a fantastic opportunity for an artist to benefit from a large studio space in a vibrant residential area where they can explore and strengthen their working practice.
Applications to be received by midnight 3rd July 2021

The application cost is £30 per artist unless you are already a current artist member of Sprout Arts
Criteria for selection:
- Applicants must be practitioners in fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture, design, conceptual,
film or cross-disciplinary work),
- A joint application would also be welcome
- Applicants must be able to attend the gallery daily (days and times to be agreed) for the
duration of the residency
- Applicants must be abble to communicate with and receive support from the Sprout team
- Applicants should be interested in promoting a positive relationship with the gallery’s

What we offer:
- A studio space of 35 sq metres.
- A contribution to travel and basic expenses (to be negotiated)
- An induction session into the gallery and the local area
- Support to the resident artist(s) to organize open studio, artist talk or other events,
- An end-of-residency exhibition organised in the studio with Sprout Arts
- End of residency feedback session
- The progress of the residency programme will be advertised on the gallery’s social media
accounts, newsletter and website.

Please look at the website (under News) to read about our previous resident artists, Maddie Rose
Hills, Andrea Robinson and Eugene Macki. Link in bio.

Please contact us by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using Artist in Residence in the header
Interviews by arrangement from 5th July 2021
The result will be announced on the gallery’s website and on social media.

Artist in Residence 2021


Sprout Year 2020

Looking back at 2020…
A very different year but still a creative and eventful one in Sprout. We didn't manage our 10 year birthday celebrations which were planned for May but hopefully we can celebrate in 2021. Considering we were closed for more than half the year, we crammed as much as possible in when we could!
We began the year with our Artists in residence in January followed by our winter Art Loan event, launched Jane’s Furzedown Book Swap initiative, created window displays to brighten up Moyser Road whilst we were closed and even showcased the Graveney Year 10 art students’ talent again in the summer.
We finally managed to host our annual Secret Postcard community fundraiser after rescheduling several times, and managed to host some of the scheduled artist exhibitions when we could open in the Autumn, albeit briefly.
We ended the year with our Christmas market, which unfortunately came to a halt sooner than planner when Tier 4 rules came into force, but we had good run and still had the chance to support our local artists, designers and makers again.
Thank you all for your continued support and wish you a happy and healthy New Year.
The Sprout Arts Team x

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Insta: @sprout_arts_london/

Twitter: #sproutarts

Furzedown Book Swap @ Sprout Arts
SproutFurzedown Bookswap

Starting 5th March 2020, Sprout Arts will be hosting a book swap for Furzedown. Pop in whenever Sprout is open and see what’s on the bookshelf – thanks to some initial donations, there will be a mix of fiction and non-fiction, children’s and adults’ books. Take your pick from literary fiction, thrillers, spy fiction, biographies, romance, picture books, wildlife books…

The bookshelf will be open for business starting on World Book Day on Thursday 5th March. Bring a book to swap or pick something you like the look of and return it for someone else when you’re finished. There will also be bookmarks available if you’d like to leave a message about a particular book you’re leaving. Plus, you get to say ‘Hi’ to the nice people in Sprout and see what’s on the walls!

You can keep up to date with what’s on the shelves on Twitter @furzebookswap


Dear Supporters of Sprout Arts

Sprout Community Arts is now registered on the 'Easyfundraising' Website which means that if you register with them and choose Sprout Community Arts as your preferred organisation we will get a donation every time you shop online and it will cost you nothing!

The instructions for Easyfundraising are below.  If you need any further help please do let us know.


Easyfundraising for Sprout Arts is a great way to raise money for us just by shopping online and without paying anything extra yourself. Thousands of retailers including big names like Amazon, ebay, Argos, Tesco, M&S and John Lewis are registered to the site and will pass on a donation to your charity of choice every time you shop with them online. Business purchases can also qualify for a donation so you can support us at work too.

Here’s how it works:

1) Go to

2) Go to 'Support a cause' and type 'Sprout Community Arts' in the search box. 

3) Select Sprout Community Arts as the cause that you want to support

4) Follow the instructions to create an account (only takes a couple of minutes)

5) Start shopping!

Although the amount raised by each purchase might seem small, it adds up quickly and if we can sign up enough people, especially in the run-up to Christmas this could give our finances a real boost and enable us to keep us sustain and develop our community arts centre.

If you also download the 'donation reminder' from the easyfundraising website it will automatically remind you to claim the donation every time you shop online.