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With Tracey Downing - Tuesday 6 June 1pm to 3pm

Join Tracey Downing at the Sprout Gallery on Tuesday afternoon to get creative in your take-home concertina sketchbook, with collage, paint and words.

Choose an object or a poem, respond with drawing and collage and enjoy working in a concertina sketchbook. This workshop on different ways to work in concertina sketchbooks, will be led by artist Tracey Elizabeth Downing.

Tracey is painter who writes poems and is a qualified Art Psychotherapist based in Sutton. This workshop takes place in the Sprout Art Gallery to coincide with the Wandsworth Fringe Arts Festival and Sprout’s very own Affordable Art Exhibition.

Come and enjoy an afternoon of finding inspiration using collage, words and a range of materials and find out how daily ‘noticings’ can help you connect with your own creativity. You will take away with you your very own concertina sketchbook so you can continue at home. We will learn how to make a simple one too, something that you can take anywhere with you to help grow your creative practice be it writing or drawing or both!

Developing a daily creative practice aids emotional wellbeing and doesn’t need to be hard work, you will find your interest in your surroundings grows as you notice. Tracey will share about her own way with words and how her painting informs her poetry and how you can explore this too.

This workshop will involve:

• A short insight into how Tracey works.

• Responding to words or objects that are important to us (feel free to bring a pocket sized object or a favourite poem with you) 

• Understanding how our story can emerge in the Art we make.

• Trying a range of materials to see which work best for you.

• Learning that Art is for all and creativity is never far away.

Skill level: Beginner - no painting or drawing or writing experience necessary.

Cost: £35 per person – all art materials and equipment use included - including your own concertina sketchbook to take home. Spaces are limited, please book via Eventbrite HERE:



With Claire Chandler - Wed 7 June 7pm to 9pm

Join Claire Chandler at the Sprout Gallery to explore artists sketchbooks, then get creative with a range of materials to make your own!

Look at some well known artists' sketchbooks, start your own and use it to experiment with materials, explore new ideas and inspire your creativity. This introduction on how to create and enjoy using a sketchbook will be led by artist Claire Chandler. Claire is a abstract painter based in Carshalton. This workshop takes place in the Sprout Art Gallery to coincide with the Wandsworth Fringe Arts Festival.

Enjoy an evening of exploring a wide range of ideas of what to include in your own unique sketchbook. Claire will guide you through step-by-step tips that will make your sketchbook a wonderful record, not only of your artistic journey but your thoughts and observations in life, you will learn valuable skills and techniques on how to enjoy your sketchbook that you can continue to develop at home!

You will learn that to get the most out of your sketchbook you should try to record something in it everyday and this doesn’t necessarily have to be a finished piece of art. Sketchbooks are amazing tools for experimentation and drafting for maybe a bigger finished piece of art. They allow you to practise skills and techniques using a wide range of media, tools and resources. Using a sketchbook is relaxing and promotes good mental health and mindfulness when you learn how to become immersed within its pages. They also act as diary of events, places, likes and life experiences through imagery, words, colour and things you collect that can be attached.

Your sketchbook should become your constant companion and used for everything. You can doodle and sketch from observation or imagination, create patterns or practise lettering as well as paste in your favourite things. You can do anything- and- everything to make your sketchbook personal and useful to you-the possibilities are endless!

This workshop will involve:

• Introduction into the composition of a sketchbook

• Looking at what to include in a sketchbook and how to personalise it

• Learning how to be explorative, expressive and take risks with mark making

• Learning and experimenting with techniques, skills, materials and media

• Understanding how to build a unique sketchbook page by page to make it a useful and enjoyable companion

Skill level: Beginner- no painting or drawing experience necessary.

Cost: £35 per person – all art materials and equipment use included including your own sketchbook to take home. Spaces are limited, please book via Eventbrite here:


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Neurographic Art Workshop 

Mindfulness and relaxation, with Tammy-Rose Baker - Thurs 8th June 12pm to 1pm 

Join Tammy for this special hour-long workshop which helps with Mindfulness and relaxation. 

  1. Demonstration – 15 mins with a Q&A on what art and craft is about and how it helps with mindfulness.
  2. Practical – Have a chat about what you want to focus on, and then get your black marker pen and do a design on the paper. Let your mind take over and don’t matter what it comes out as... Where the lines intersect draw them as curves. Once that’s done move onto the next stage of using water colour and you can choose whatever colours that either represents how your feeling or just colours that you like or find interesting.
  3. You can take your art creation home with you and thanks you so much for attending the art workshop. I hope you had a relaxing time and you learnt a new art method that helps relaxes and calms your mind.

Neurographic art is a cathartic meeting with your unconscious that unfolds through drawing. Creating your drawing is a beautiful meditative process based in mindfulness. It bypasses the rational thinking mind and able to reach deep into hidden layers of one’s psyche. Your unconscious, ordinarily inaccessible, is opened up. New neural networks are formed in the brain. What you thought is impossible suddenly becomes a reality.

The results can range from immediate insights and revelations to changes in your life that take place in the most unusual and creative of ways. Since you’re working with the unconscious, you may surprise yourself days later with a solution that comes seemingly out of nowhere.


Cost £5 for adults(£1.50 for children) to be pad on the day, all materials will be provided. Suitable for all ages - limited space so please book by emailing Sprout (subject 'Neurographic Workshop) here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Collage Card-making Workshop

With Katie Parsons - Friday 9th June, 4 to 5pm

Join Katie for a FREE hour-long workshop, creating cards using collage. For adults and accompanied children (yes, small children allowed), no need to book - just drop in!

Katie is an artist using collage, paint, pen, tape and more, and some of her work will be part of the Affordable Art exhibition, she says "I love making, creating and exploring within a variety of different media and subject matter. From landscapes to coastal collages, abstract expressions to commissioned portraits, hand painted still lives to lino-printed pets - I find joy in the detail of every day." @KatieParsonsCreates




Creative Mending Workshop - inspired by Japanese techniques

With Lucille Acevedo-Jones on Thursday 15th June 2023, 6 - 9pm

Learn how to mend your clothes in a unique and creative way, inspired by Japanese techniques. Lucille Acevedo-Jones will guide you through the process of visible mending, referencing Sashiko stitching and Boro patching, drawing on experience from her 20 year career as costume designer, clothes maker and upcycler. 

This workshop is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a new skill, upcycle their clothes, or simply enjoy a fun and creative evening. No prior experience is necessary, just bring an item of clothing you would like to mend or practice on. All other materials will be provided. If you have any fabric/thread stashes that you want to use on your garment or share, then please feel free to bring it along!

Equipment such as needles, thread, scissors, darning mushrooms, embroidery frames will be available for use for the duration of the workshop. Don't miss out on this opportunity to save clothes from landfill and create something beautiful. Book your spot now!

Spaces are limited, please book on Eventbrite using this link:



Sprout HUB

Mondays 10am to 12 noon

HUB is where Artist Members gather in Sprout to exchange thoughts, ideas and practice in an informal setting. Please email Sprout for further details if you are interested in coming.






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Friday every month 7-9pm at Sprout Arts

Poetry dates: Friday | May 5 | July 7 | Sept 1 | Nov 3 2023

Playreading dates: Friday | April 7 | June 9 | August 4 | October 6 2023 


Two evening workshops share the First Friday slot from 7 pm to 9pm, each on alternate months.  
The poetry group meets in January March May July September and November, both in person and via zoom, to share poems. The only rule is that it should be a published poem by someone other than yourself. You can choose a poem from any time or place, let us know the title and author and translator in advance. Please note, if you want to share your own poetry work or read out your own poems, this is NOT the group for you.
The play-reading group meets in February April June August October and December in person at Sprout. We all take part and get to read a part. Texts are provided courtesy of the Inter-Library Loans Service so we all follow the same edition. 
Contributions on the night welcome, usually at least £2. Contact Sprout Arts for more details if you'd like to come along.

For poetry contact Valerie Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For Playreading contact John Valentine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“We don’t read poems because, like bran flakes, they’re good for us; we read them because we love them – and if you haven’t found a poem you really love, keep looking and I am sure you will.” Erica Wagner 




How to Repair your Clothes and Renew your Wardrobe with Nabila Waseem-Saeed

These workshops will return later this year

Cloth has value: let’s Recycle it! Come to these great FREE WORKSHOPS once a month on Tuesday evenings and get involved in the idea of repairing and reusing fabric you no longer wear.Bring something that needs repairing and learn how to fix it. Or bring something beyond repair and Nabila will demonstrate how to rethink and reuse it.

Book by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.